ERICA is a population-wide multicenter study that aims at ascertainng the prevalence of adolescents with diabetes mellitus and obesity, as well as their cardiovascular risk profile. Factors to be evaluated include lipids, blood pressure levels, body mass index, markers of insulin resistance and inflammation. 75 000 students between 12 and 17 years in 1,251 Brazilian public and private schools, located in 124 participating cities - including all capitals – will be randomly selected for inclusion in the study. 

ERICA results may assist public policy makers in designing preventive programs targetting vulnerable groups of adolescents identified in the study. In addition to obtaining an overview of the current health status of our young people,  results will allow the definition of some national standards for selected characteristics in adolescents- such as weight, height, blood pressure and waist circumference – which will help investigators of future studies.

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